Thursday, 5 December 2013

Yorkshire Puddings

I have tried several versions of vegan or gluten free Yorkshire puds, including adding sparkling water to the batter, but mostly they look different every time and often end up as flat, crispy disks. Which my boys, not knowing any different, will gobble down anyway and claim to love Yorkshire pudding. If only they knew…
I discovered Arrowroot in batter while I was researching eggless choux pastry for the Great British Bake Off Challenge (that I still haven't finished writing up…). It seems to help give elasticity before the crust forms, so get a better rise. Beware though, if you use too much, it mostly just creates goo.

2tsp Egg Replacer mixed with 4tbsp Water
1 cup Milk Substitute (I used oat milk)
1 cup Wheat Free Self Raising Flour* 
1tbsp Arrowroot Powder
Pinch of Salt (optional)

Put a small amount of oil/vegetable shortening in a 12 hole muffin tin (or whatever size tin you are using).

Heat tin in oven until very hot (smoking).

Beat everything together in a bowl to give a smooth, batter.

Pour batter into prepared tin.

Bake at 220ºC for 25-30mins.

*One of the problems with being a dietitian is that I'm not supposed to mention specific brands, but with wheat free cooking, the flour mix used can alter the properties of the mix. I used Orgran, may need to adjust fluid for other flour blends. I have also made it with Dove's Farm White Bread Flour (can't use their plain or self raising as my mum allergic to buckwheat!) and baking powder. Tends to be flatter, but still works.

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